Ethics and Sustainability

Our Materials
We have a commitment to our planet and its inhabitants to create fashion in a sustainable and ethical way, supporting local businesses and artisans, as well as using eco-friendly materials along with recovered fabrics:

Organic cotton: The production of organic cotton do not use pesticides, herbicides or other types of chemicals, only natural fertilizers are used. Our organic cotton is certified by GOTs.
Narciso lace and Linings: In this first collection we are very proud to say that the lace of our Narciso Robe and our tulle linings are manufactured in Spain in one of the few remaining lace factories in the country.
Deadstock fabrics: We use fabrics from stock or remnants of European suppliers, these are fabrics from previous seasons that would be discarded if they were not used. These fabrics are usually small quantities so we do limited productions.  

Vegan Thinking
It is important for us that no animal has been harmed in the making of our garments so we can assure you that our collections are vegan and cruelty free, you will not find any garment with leather, wool, silk, etc., of animal origin.  

Ethical Production and Craftmanship
Once the design process is finished, the production of the garments begins in workshops located in the outskirts of Barcelona, checking that there are no unfair or unsafe working practices in the production of our garments.

Each garment is hand embroidered on a wooden frame by our designer, who dedicates between 2 to 3 hours to develop the drawings on each garment. No embroidery is the same to another so that makes the garment totally personalized and unique, created especially for you in a artisan way.

Our Packaging

Each garment is delicately folded into a bag made of 100% cotton, made in Spain. Wrapped in silk paper with a handwritten note on recycled paper, inside a cardboard box made of 90% recycled material and printed with black vegetable ink.