Philomena Intimates

Philomena intimates- flower of my loves - Azalea bra


In 2018, I had the restlessness idea that I had to create beautiful, delicate lingerie for women all over the world who shared the same concern as me for the environment, eco-conscious.


Thus Philomenawas born, a word derived from the Greek Philomenēs (lover of strength), because in addition to caring for the environment, the #philomenaintimates woman is strong, independent, confident ... prepared to conquer the world.


Philomena intimates- flower of my love - Nomolvides bra and brief


Philomena Intimates creates lingerie and homewear  collections combining 100% organic cotton fabrics GOTs and recovered fabrics from stock of European suppliers with Oeko-Tex


Each garment is made with love and delicately in small quantities in Spanish factories with handmade  handmade embroidery made-to-order, making each piece unique and special.

With love,