Interview No. 2 - Anastasia Sopova

I met Anastasia in January of this year, we met for a cup of coffee to talk about fashion and we ended up talking about everything, literally, personal projects, the growth of lemon trees, trips to Mexico, places to eat in Tulum ... anyhow, of everything. What in theory was about getting to know her, Anastasia ended up interviewing me and fell in love with my brand and the story of how I started designing and what led me to want to create ethical lingerie in Barcelona.

A very nice girl, passionate about art, congenial -> level: non-stop laughing. A total #philomenaintimates woman. This is her little interview and her self-portraits.

Anastasia is wearing the Iris body in size L.

Anastasia Sopova Philomena intimates black body Iris

1. Your most memorable kiss:

I do not have a specific kiss, but a situation. The best kisses are those that we give to our love at the airport, after not having seen each other for several days for work. And not only kisses, hugs are better too.

2. Daily habits you practice that are good for the planet:

I try to save a lot of water, such as turning off the water when I brush my teeth or when I lather (I've done this all my life). I changed my way of removing make-up by buying reusable sponges (to avoid using cotton pads again). I have bought reusable bags not to buy plastic bags in the store, and if I have plastic bags at home I reuse them for garbage.

3. A quote to live by:

I'm not a person to have quotes, I'm more like living in the moment and doing what I feel.

4. The most romantic thing you have ever done ...

Not long ago, I made a game for my boyfriend to search his birthday presents all over the house. I inflated a lot of ballons and hung a few all over the house to surprise him. I think it's quite a romantic act and we had a lot of fun looking for his gifts.

5. What most people doesn't know about you?

I'm a very disciplined, hard-working, family person. I have a very strong character but I try to level it. Overall, I'm a very loving person.

Anastasia Sopova for Philomena intimates in a black Iris bodysuit

discipline and hard-work. Interview Anastasia Sopova Philomena Intimates, barcelona lingerie

Anastasia Sopova - Philomena Intimates ethical lingerie from Barcelona

living in the moment and doing what I feel- interview Anastasia Sopova Philomena Intimates

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